Welcome to Kappa Restaurant!
Opened in White Rock nearly 30 years ago by Yoshi and Michiko,
Kappa Restaurant is named after the mystical Japanese water
sprites that loved to eat. Yoshi, the owner and head chef, wanted to
establish a restaurant where any person (and Kappa) could enjoy
delicious authentic Japanese food. We were one of the first
restaurants to create and introduce many of the special sushi rolls
that are now commonly found in many Japanese restaurants across
the Lower Mainland. Our menu has gone through some changes
over two decades but two things have stayed the same:

Our attention to quality and flavour.

Yoshi and Michiko would like to say thank you to all the
customers who have come to Kappa. Also thank you to
those who travel great distances, from North Vancouver
to Harrison Hot Springs and also down south from the
United States, to come to the little Japanese restaurant
in White Rock, British Columbia.

If you haven't had a chance to try Kappa yet, please
come and enjoy some of the best Japanese food
1450 George Street, White Rock, B.C.   Tel: (604) 531 - 1319
Due to the lack of street parking because of the new developments around us,
we were forced to destroy Yoshi's beloved garden in the back.
Please park at rear as the church next door has also asked us
not to have customers park in their parking lot next to us. Thank you for your understanding.
We are open for dinner  
from 4:30pm
We are closed Monday ~ Wednesday.