In addition to our special appetizers, there are other daily specials.

Please ask our servers for details.


SPECIAL GYO ZA – Kappa’s pork gyo za filling & whole prawns or pieces of scallops.

Your choice of:

PRAWNS GYO ZA – 5pc prawns     9

SCALLOPS GYO ZA5pc scallops    9

MIXED3pc prawn, 2pc scallop     9

ASPARAGUS GYO ZAKappa’s pork gyo za filling & full asparagus spears (5pc)     9


MARINATED TUNA – bite-size tuna pieces marinated in a lightly sweetened soy sauce     11

TUNA TATAKI – flame seared tuna topped with green onions, grated ginger, sesame seeds
& capers with a splash of lime & ponzu sauce     15

BEEF SASHIMI – lightly seared beef that is thinly sliced, topped with green onions and
assorted spices and splashed with ponzu sauce     15

SEARED SPICY TUNA – thin slices of lightly seared spicy tuna topped with sesame
seeds & green onions. Flavoured with a sweet & spicy soy sauce. For eat-in Only     13

SALMON & AVOCADO SALAD – Yoshi’s Japanese French fusion. Salmon, avocado,
sprouts, parmesan cheese & tobiko with Yoshi’s original dressing. No longer available.

BARBECUED HAMACHI COLLAR We are no longer able to get fresh Yellowtail collar from our suppliers.


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