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Take-out Favourites

For customers who are not familiar with our menu, these are some of our customer favourites for take-out.

Of course, please feel free to browse through our complete menu when ordering!

“*” denotes Vegetable dishes. (Grieve’s Roll & Sweet Potato Roll includes a bit of mayo. Please inform the server if you would like no mayo inside any rolls)


MISO SOUP     1.75                           SHABU SOUP     1.75

*EDAMAME – premium soybeans boiled & very lightly salted     4.5

*GOMA AE – spinach in Kappa’s goma sauce made in house with freshly hand-ground sesame     4.5

EBI SU – premium Chilean shrimp on vermicelli noodles in our sweet vinegar sauce     5

*VEGGIE SU – lots of sliced cucumber on vermicelli noodles in our sweet vinegar sauce     4  

YAKI TORI – chicken on bamboo sticks grilled with our teriyaki sauce (4pc)     5.5

GYO ZA – Kappa’s pan-fried dumplings (6pc)    6

*VEGGIE GYO ZA pan-fried tofu & spinach dumplings     5.5

PRAWNS GYO ZA – Kappa’s pork gyo za filling and whole tiger prawns (5pc)     9

*AGE DASHI TOFU (SPICY/NOT SPICY) – bite-size tofu lightly deep fried & served in a sweet soy sauce     5

MIXED APPETIZER TEMPURA – 2 prawns & some veggies dipped in our light batter & deep fried     6.5

PRAWNS TEMPURA prawns only (3pc)     6.5

*VEGETABLE TEMPURA – lots of assorted vegetables dipped in light batter & deep fried     6.5

CHICKEN TERIYAKI A LA CARTE – tender bite-size teriyaki chicken on a bed of fried bean sprouts and steamed veggies. includes a bowl of rice     16.5

BEER TERIYAKI A LA CARTE – teriyaki sliced beef on a bed of fried bean sprouts and steamed veggies. includes a bowl of rice.     16.5

TEMPURA (DINNER SIZE) – 5 prawns and lots of veggies in our dinner size portion of tempura. includes a bowl of rice.     18




DYNOMITE ROLL (5pc) – jumbo roll with avocado, prawn tempura, fish eggs    7.5

TEMPURA ROLL (8pc)  – tempura prawns & some veggies     5.5

*VEGGIE ROLL (5pc) – jumbo roll with a mix of asst steamed veggies & fresh veggies    8.5

*AVOCADO ROLL (8pc) – filled with our premium avocado    6.5

*SWEET POTATO ROLL (8pc) – big pieces of deep fried sweet potato inside with fresh veggies & topped with more sweet potato tempura on top    10

*GRIEVE’S ROLL (8pc) – like a sweet potato roll but topped with avocado slices     13

WHITE ROCK ROLL (5pc) – our Special jumbo roll with tuna, salmon, crab meat, tempura prawn, avocado, fresh veggies inside & fish eggs outside     17

SUSHI SET – 2pc Tuna, 2pc Salmon, 2pc Ebi & 8pc California Roll     21

sushi set

PARTY TRAY (SMALL) – 28pc arrangement.     37

     includes California Roll, Dynomite Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Salmon Maki & 2pc each of Tuna, Salmon, Ebi Sushi

party tray s

PARTY TRAY (LARGE) – 54pc arrangement.     63

includes California Roll (2), Dynomite Roll, BC Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Kappa Maki, Salmon Maki & 4pc each of Tuna, Salmon, Ebi Sushi

tray L

Please check our other pages for a complete list of our sushi rolls, sashimi, nigiri sushi and other appetizers.