Yoshi’s Philosophy of Cooking at Kappayoshi

Yoshi Ito, the owner and head chef at Kappa Restaurant, has been in the kitchen for over 45 years. As a traditional Japanese shokunin, Yoshi has many principles which he firmly adheres to when cooking. These principles have become the foundation for the all the dishes that are prepared and served at Kappa.

1. Always use ingredients that are very fresh and of high quality.
At Kappa, a great deal of care goes into choosing the ingredients that we use. This goes for not only all the meats, seafood and vegetables but also for all other ingredients. Everything from the soy sauce and wasabi, to the tempura flour and olive oil is carefully selected for quality and flavour. We don’t carry large quantities of our seafood such as Aji, Red Tuna or Uni because Yoshi only wants the seafood when its really fresh and good. Please be sure to check our Daily Specials Board as it will reflect many seasonal specialties.

2. Create your own sauces that best complements the ingredients.
Our sauces are originals. We spend hours making our sauces: grinding roasted sesame seeds for our fresh goma ae sauce, mixing different oils and spices for our spicy sauce. Even our soy sauce is our special blend. It is a little lighter and lower in sodium than regular soy sauce to better bring out the flavours of our sashimi and sushi.

3. Everything must come together in harmony.
Yoshi is very strict about food combinations and flavours. Just like coordinating colour schemes; some things don’t go with others. This is true for cooking as well. Taking every fresh fish and putting them into one sushi roll is not going to create a harmonized flavour. The ingredients and sauces of each of our dishes have been carefully chosen to complement each other and as Yoshi puts it, “Create one dominant flavour in harmony without totally losing the individuality of each ingredient.”


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