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Yoshi’s Creations, unlike at many other restaurants, are not covered with excessive mayonaises & sauces as Yoshi tries to maintain the fresh flavours of the seafood and veggies in his rolls.


“Double” SWEET POTATOsweet potato tempura & fresh veggies inside with a layer of sweet potato tempura slices on top (8pc)   10

GRIEVE’S ROLL – named after a longtime customer who loves sweet potatoes & avocado. Sweet potato tempura inside with avocado slices on top (8pc)   13

SPICY MANHATTANcalled a Yin-Yang Roll by some customers. A jumbo 7pc roll with spicy tuna in one half & imitation crab meat, fish eggs & avocado in the other     14

SUNSHINE salmon, crab meat & avocado roll that is deep fried in a light tempura batter (6pc)     13

CATERPILLARtuna, salmon & veggies inside with avocado slices on top (8pc)     14

BEACH – tempura prawns & veggies inside, bbq anago on top and topped with our anago sauce (8pc)     15

RAINBOWCalifornia roll with tuna, salmon, ebi & avocado arranged like a rainbow on top (8pc)     15

PEACE ARCH salmon, mango & avocado inside & topped with cream cheese (8pc)     14

MANGOtuna, salmon & veggies inside with slices of fresh mango on top (8pc)     14

WHITE ROCKOur special 5pc jumbo roll with tuna, salmon, imitation crab meat, tempura prawn, avocado & veggies inside & fish eggs on the outside     17



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